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The Parrot
Sister is a grand Eclectus or Solomon Eclectus Parrot which are native to the Solomon Islands. The females are typically red and the males are green. Grand Exlectus parrots are popular as pets because they are very affectionate and can be easily trained and tamed, as well as taught to speak.

Parrots are noisy, social birds and it is best to buy captive bred birds born here in the US. Do not buy birds that are taken from the wilds. Parrots in captivity need large cages so that they can exercise. If they are hand fed from infancy, they are tamer and learn more rapidly. They need lots of warmth, water, fresh air, good food and lots of attention.

Purchase parrots only from a reputable bird dealer. Parrots are in danger of extinction in many parts of the world because of destroyed habitat.

Sister, the Parrot


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