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The Gorilla
KOKO made history as the first gorilla ever to learn a human language. Dr. Francine Patterson began teaching KOKO sign language as a one year old. Today with a vocabulary of over 800 signs, KOKO has advanced further with language than any other nonhuman.

The Gorilla Foundation helps free-living gorillas who struggle to survive in the disappearing African rainforest. Gorillas are the largest of the anthropoid humanlike apes. Gorillas are shy and not as fierce as they look. They lead peaceful lives usually traveling in groups of 2 to 30. A group is made up one or more males, two or more females and several young ones. The male protects the group from danger and roars loudly when angered. They never spend more than one night in the smae place wnadering 2 to 15 square miles per day foraging.

In captivity gorillas can live to 50 years but usually don't survive that long in the wild. They rank among the most intelligent of animals and are endangered.


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