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Starlight and Sunshine,
Starlight and Sunshine are two special kittens. Starlight is grey with white boots and Sunshine is an orange tabby. Cats are a favorite pet of people around the world. They are playful and make great companions for people of all ages.

Cats have a great sense of balance and when they fall they almost always land on their feet. Cats were probably tamed around 5000 years ago. They have always been valued for their hunting skills in keeping places free of rats, mice, and snakes. Healthy cats live up to 15 years. It is best to neuter them.

Since different breeds have various personality traits, it is best to research the type of cat you want before acquiring one for a pet. Animal shelters and cat associations are a great resource for obtaining the right match for you.

Starlight and Sunshine, Kittens


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